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Upcoming Events

Our annual horn scoring event will be held on January 20, 2024



Past Winners

Please see below for past years’ Horn Scoring Winners. Congratulations to all!

2023 Horn Scoring Winners

Check back soon!

2022 Horn Scoring Winners

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2021 Horn Scoring Winners

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2020 Horn Scoring Winners

Youth Category

  • 1st Place: Heather Ziprick
  • 2nd Place: Riley Schaffrick
  • 3rd Place: Hayden Paradis

Ladies Category

  • 1st Place: Tammy Andrusick
  • 2nd Place: Tammy Andrusick
  • 3rd Place: Ghilliane Sawchuk

Open Category

  • 1st Place: Logan Ziprick
  • 2nd Place: Hugh Ziprick
  • 3rd Place: Preston Sharun

Largest Deer Category

  • 1st Place: Justin Sykes
  • 2nd Place: Mark Fin
  • 3rd Place: Adrian Slaght

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