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Membership Prize

Each year, we raffle a big game hunt to a worldwide destination with a professional outfitter. Anyone who signs up or renews a membership throughout the year is eligible for this incredible draw.

A 1-year membership gets you one entry and a 3-year membership gets you three entries into the draw. Both online purchases through this website and purchases directly through our Membership Chair are eligible!

Why Should You Become A Member?

Legal hunting is the primary source of funding for wildlife conservation, research, and enforcement programs in North America and around the globe. More than a billion dollars are generated annually by the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, permit fees, taxes on outdoor equipment and on private land maintained for sporting activities.

Safari Club members reinforce our commitment to conservation by funding more than 150 wildlife conservation projects annually. Many of the chapter projects receive matching grants from the Safari Club International Foundation combining for a yearly investment exceeding $1.5 Million. In addition to the yearly conservation projects, we are involved in a wide variety of charitable programs.


As a Member of Safari Club International…

  • You receive an array of benefits, discounts, and services, including the bi-monthly SAFARI Magazine.
  • You actively participate in a cause you believe in: protecting hunting and promoting conservation.
  • You are invited to attend the annual Convention, the biggest outdoor show in the world.
  • You join an organization that is a powerful and active political force around the world.
Please note: An SCI International Membership is required in order to obtain chapter membership.

By joining a Safari Club International Chapter…

  • You connect to a social network of other individuals who live near you and who share common goals.
  • You work to make a difference by getting involved in education, conservation, and humanitarian projects.
  • You give back to your community, because funds raised by your chapter stay at the local level.
  • You strengthen SCI projects and legislation and help to protect our hunting heritage.

Ready To Get Involved?

By joining a Safari Club International Chapter, you actively participate in a cause you believe in; protecting hunting and promoting conservation.