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$3,000.00 Credit for a Floor Pedestal Game Head Mount of your Choice

With over 30 years in the business, Advanced Taxidermy specializes in in everything from the smallest hunted game to one of the largest mammals in the word, the Humpback Whale. Advanced Taxidermy is continuously pushing the limits when it comes to custom creative designs and habitats to suit your trophy mount.

They work closely with you from before you depart on your hunt providing you with any documentation you may need, tips when it comes to guides skinning out your animal and work with the shipper when you return back home to have your hunting trophy’s sent to Advanced. They specialize in import/export documentation and keep you updated along every step of the way. In addition, they are the only facility in Ontario that is CFIA Health and Agriculture approved for the importation of hunting trophy’s.

In addition to the above services, they also offer trophy room design.

Advanced Taxidermy’s success lies in the countless hours invested into each creation and the total dedication set forth by each individual on their team. Internationally known for their innovative designs, Advanced Taxidermy is one of the most inspirational and sought-after studio’s in the world.

“Taxidermy is an art form, and a good taxidermist is an artist. So, when you get that trophy you spent so much time hunting, and you want to send it to the very best, send it to the same place I do, the artists at Advanced Taxidermy” – Jim Shockey

We would like to thank Advanced Taxidermy for this 100% donation.

Donation Value: $3000.00 CAD

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