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2 Hunters

3 Days and 4 Nights for 2 Spanish Southeastern Ibex up to 68 inches with Spain Safaris

The Southeastern Ibex (or Sierra Nevada Ibex) is one of the four Ibex found in Spain. In this case, it inhabits the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and other systems of mountains located in the South-East corner of Spain. In terms of body size and color, it is quite similar to the Beceite Ibex, perhaps a bit smaller and not as dark, as the black fur is just spread over the chest and legs. However, the main difference relies on the horns, which grow backwards. Seen from the top front, they seem like a parenthesis: they go back opening sideways and then they close again the tips.

The main area is located bordering the Sierra Nevada National Park on the South. It is a huge mountainous territory over 10.000 hectares (+20.000 acres), very rocky but also full of pine and oak trees. Beautiful mountain villas and amazing Spanish cuisine await the lucky bidder.

Value: $30,000.00 CAD

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