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2 Hunters

5 Days in South African for 1 Vaal Rhebuck, 2 Mountain Reedbuck & 1 Klipspringer Hunt With Jannie Otto Safaris

Hunt Vaal Rhebuck, Mt. Reedbuck and Klipspringer in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This hunt includes 5 hunting days for two hunters on a 2×2 basis and trophy fees for one Vaal Rhebuck, two Mt. Reedbuck and one Klipspringer included. The included four animals to be shared by the two hunters, 2 each. Schedule this safari with outfitter Jannie Otto for open dates in 2024/2025.

While on safari your day fees include accommodation, full safari staff, meals, and field prep of trophies. Hunt can be upgraded and extended per outfitter’s price list. Not included are before and after hunt expenses, firearm clearance, packing and shipping of trophies and gratuities.

Value: $18,200 CAD

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